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Products >> Plastics Machinery >> Large-size high-efficiency extruder
The large-size high-efficiency extruder was developed by our company based on assimilation of the state-of-the-art technology home and abroad. It uses the most sophisticated screws, of superior configuration, which ensures large extruding output. The product is of high quality. Of low energy consumption, the machines have reached the advanced level abroad.
The machine uses special screw structure and configuration and is widely used as 3PE coating of large-bore steel pipes, and to produce biaxially oriented polypropylene films of BOPP,BOPET, and BOPS, to extrude cable glands, etc, with the capacity of extruding at 800-2000Kg/h.
Applied to
steel pipe coating equipment
Applied to
biaxially oriented equipment
Applied to
wire and cable equipment
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