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The pioneer of double wheel irrigation tape production line
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Products >> The pioneer of double wheel irrigation tape production line
Advantage of Double Wheel High Speed Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line
  1. The machine is the pioneer in China, produces four lines of tape at the same time; the stable production speed is 120 meters per minute. Each line of tape reaches 30 meters per minute, based on the commissioning on site, and needs qualified raw materials and skilled workers.
  2. Compared with the single wheel drip irrigation tape production line, under the same output, our machine occupies less floor space, reduce about 40%; the electricity reduce 30%.
  3. Reduce 50% worker, lessen $3000 salary (production cost) per six months one person.
  4. The machine produces stable end products, 100 % qualified.
  5. The end product is 10.8g per meter, by the new designed mold. Lighter than the traditional end product 11g per meter.
  6. The machine has PLC controller with function of fault self-testing, no need artificial testing.
  7.  The machine has obtained patent for invention, was awarded Province Great Technology Project 2012.

Comparison with Single Wheel Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line *see table


Double wheel drip irrigation tape production Line

Single wheel drip irrigation tape
production line





Machine frame

Standard national 8# rectangular tube

Heavy and high craft precision

Not standard, thin tube

Light , craft rough, always shake

Surface of water tank

Imported stainless steel


Common stainless steel

Easy rust

Traction roller


Abrasion and acid proof,


Abrasion easy


Siemens Beide (joint venture)

Long use life

Common motor

Lower use life

Thickness controller for tape

Closed loop system with all time testing and control

Keep the thickness of tape uniform, reduce the unqualified tape. Bursting pressure rises 20% than the traditional tape.

Don’t have thickness controller

When the screen block, the thickness of tape gets uniform. Need artificial testing all time, not scientific and economic.

Controller for machine


Easy operation, has function of fault self-testing


Complex operation, needs artificial testing



Performance stable, long use life

Chinese brand

Poor quality



Performance stable, long use life

Chinese brand

Poor quality

Each pipe line

Has temperature testing

Convenient for shaping the pipe

Don’t have


Barrel heater

Aluminum with stainless steel cover

Heating fast, keep warm long time

Mica heater

Heating slowly, keep warm short time

Service air

Has micro air pump

Small noise

Don’t have

Big noise

Scald prevention

Has protective cover

Production safety

Don’t have

Worker has risk

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